Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's make something! Part 3--Increases

I said I would talk about increases, so let's do that now. Where the pattern says M1, I'm doing either a M1R or a M1L, which create right-slanting and left-slanting increases, respectively. I do M1R 1 stitch before the stitch marker that represents the raglan line, and M1L 1 stitchafter. The result:

Raglan line

An alternative to this method would to just pick up the bar between two stitches where it says M1 and knit this bar WITHOUT twisting. This would give more of an eyelet appearance, like you had made a super small yarn over on the previous row, which I considered, but decided to go with twisted paired increases instead. Info on increases.

Hopefully I'll ready to divide for the sleeves some day soon, and I'll talk about that next. :)

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