Thursday, April 15, 2010

Look! A blog update!

Oh, hi! It's been a long time. I haven't been knitting very much, and what I have been knitting isn't very interesting yet. Way back when, I thought I would do Knitting Olympics and I cast on for a simple top down raglan sweater, thinking that this would be a realistic challenge for myself. Well, I'm still working on the first sleeve...and by "working" I mean I haven't touched the think in at least a couple weeks. Now that the weather has changed, I'm less motivated to finish. I will eventually, though.

Last month I started my 3rd pair of sock challenge socks...and frogged them an hour later. The yarn I was using (a zauberball) wasn't a good match for the pattern (or for sock knitting in general IMHO). So I'm using the yarn (a luscious green) to make a shawlette...but no pics! Sorry.

Today, in anticipation of my looming vacation (NYC here I come!) I cast on for a new pair of sock challenge socks. I'm working Lindsay in some Koigu KPM that I dyed a few years ago with kool-aid. The resulting color is much less orange than it appears (crappy work lighting!)--more of a coral color with some (odd) purple-ish spots which read more as gray/black/brown on the coral color.

I'm goign to modify the pattern a bit to omit the single rib and instead insert another pattern repeat, in the hope that they'll be slightly larger in circumference. This should be a good purse project for the plane, train and subway rides that are in my near future.