Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I cheated...

...on my knitting. And the result?

Sea Blue Sea quilt top

This quilt top. It's going to be a throw-size blanket. I'm planning on machine quilting, though not sure how yet. Probably a little in-the-ditch around the squares, something wave-like in the white spaces, and something TBD in the squares.

I needed a break from knitting on the featherweight cardigan. It's getting monotonous, but I feel like I still have to pay attention to the knitting because the stitches are so small, if I miss one, I'm not sure if I would notice it right away. And there's that pesky business of knitting across then purling back. I much prefer just knitting in the round.

Featherweight cardigan progress

I've done 20-some-odd increases so far. About half of the called for #, and with each increase round, there are 8 more stitches in a row, so it's gotten to the point where one row takes me a LONG time, and after a row or two, I'm bored and put it down. Hence the desire to cheat.

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Naomi said...

I love the quilt top! Sometimes cheating on knitting turns out some awesome projects!