Friday, September 28, 2007


Logan's birthday jacket is all done and in the mail! (Only a month late.) I really enjoyed making this sweater--it provided enough of a challenge that I feel my skillz have deepened a bit.

two tone

The pattern is Cable Yoke Jacket from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby. I made a few modifications to the pattern. Since I chose to use a different yarn with a different gauge, I cast on a different number of stitches than any of the sizes listed. And since I despise seaming, I worked as much as possible in the round--the lower portion of the body and the sleeves. I did a 3 needle bind off at the shoulders, and used kitchener to graft the sleeves to the body. The pattern calls for a zipper, but it's much easier for me to find buttons, so I decided on buttons. I added the button bands 2nd to last (right before collar), instead of working them simultaneously with the body as called for in the pattern. I would definitely work this pattern again.

two tone -- all done!

The yarn I chose, Cascade Sierra, is so soft! Half cotton/half wool--not the least bit itchy and machine washable--great for a 2 year old. I've used this yarn before and it's such a bargain! The only gripe I have about it--it's loosely plied.

I'm not sure how I feel about the buttons, I don't really think they match too well--I couldn't find anything better at my LYS, and I didn't feel like going all over town in search of the perfect button. Oh well.

I really hope it fits! I'm going to bug Tamiko until she sends me a pic of him in it, so we'll see. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

the problems with working so much

Well, don't we wish we didn't have to work. Of course. One of the problems with working so much is that it really takes away from knitting time. I'm thissssss close to finishing the two-tone jacket. Seriously--I'm half way done binding off the collar. Then I sew on the buttons and that's it! And I just can't stay awake long enough on work days to get it done.

What if I had a job where I could knit at work??? That would be dreamy. What kind of job would that be? In a knitting shop? Or really any kind of little shop that doesn't get too much business. Someday, when me and the sisters have our craft shop--then I'll be able to knit at work. Certainly not at any sort of nursing job. :(

Another problem with working so much--no natural light in which to photograph the progress. In addition to being thissss close to finishing two-tone, I'm also cruising along on the forgotten clapotis. But once again, no picture.

On a side note: this girl, A Fine Frenzy, has a very beautiful new CD out called One Cell in the Sea. I love love love it and can't get enough.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

FOs and UFOs

As a bit of a stay of execution, I managed to get today off from work--4 days in a row would have killed me. Thank you Marta for taking today from me. Recognizing this day as a blessing, I believe I've made the most of it. I decided today should be a day for finishing. First up, Aunt Michelle's Cancer Sucks Socks.

Aunt Michelle's monkeys

I found out my aunt has small cell lung cancer a couple of weeks ago. As a nurse, I believe I've come to view death as a part of life, and it sucks that she's sick. But me getting all upset about it isn't going to make her feel any better. But you know what might? A pair of nice, cozy socks! This is the monkey pattern from Knitty, the second time I've knit this, and I do so love the pattern. And love the yarn also: Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.

Second finished object, the Americana blanket. For the past 3 or 4 weeks, all that's been left to do for this blanket was bind off the i-cord border and sew in all the yarn ends. 36 yarn ends was enough to put me off finishing this project, but today, while watching When Harry Met Sally, I bit the bullet and wove 'em in. I had so much fun making this blanket. I love the stripes, the yarn is so soft--I think it will make an excellent baby blanket.

Americanan blanket

The cable-yoke jacket is coming along--I finished sewing the sleeves to the body, now I've picked up the stitches for the button band, I bought the buttons today. Once the button bands are done, all that'll be left is the collar! Maybe I can finish it tonight if I stop blogging. :)

In the category of renewed vigor, I've picked up the Florentine Clapotis I put down last spring and forgot about--I think it as the cooler weather we had last week. Maybe I can actually wear it this fall!

I successfully died some kelly green yarn!! And, a bit less successfully, some red-purple yarn.

cool as a cucumber reddy-purple

The green was dyed putting the kelly green dye over the royal blue dye. The red-purple was from 2 packets of black cherry Kool-Aid and 6 packets of grape Kool-aid; I had hoped it would be predominantly purple, but oh well, I love it anyways.

A couple of non-knitting items: I got a massage today at Super Magic Fingers on W 81st St. So wonderful, and cheap! I saw the film The Jane Austen Book Club--it was a nice romantic comedy--not too cheesy even!