Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you think I can get yarn delivered to Africa???

I've been having an awful time with technology. Yesterday when I got home from work my iPod stopped working. Today when I got home from school my Treo stopped working. I think this is a sign that I truly am meant to move to Africa. I think I could really like Africa. I might have to put aside my passion for new music and movies. I would have to subsist on BBC world service.

I'm sure I could ship my stash over. Yarn's pretty light. I could even use it when packing to help cushion things in my luggage! But what happens when I burn through my stash? And what am I going to do with knitted items in Africa? Mail them all to people in the US? Hmmm.

I made some toddler socks a while ago:

Socks for Logan

From the same Socks that Rock mediumweight that I used for Melisa's fallen leaves wrist warmers. I also made Tracie an earflap hat like mine:

Matchy matchy

Aren't we cute? :) I've made some other stuff. I need to take pictures of it, though. And I'm wrapping up a totally AWESOME baby blanket for Heinze baby #3.