Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Perhaps due to Raj being out of town this week for business, I'm slightly more on my game with the WIP post. I've also had a bit of startitis (never mind that I STILL haven't seemed up the Katarina cardigan...)

hats for wee humans

First, progressing on the 3rd Hat for Wee Humans. This hat uses some old Louet Gems that I used to make a cowl for a friend years ago and some Collinette Jitterbug in Monet that I used on these socks. Also pictured, you see HWFH #2 which features Zauberbolle (sp?) yarn from a shawlette I gave to Raj's mom, charcoal yarn from a hat I made for my dad, yellowish Socks that Rock yarn that I used in these socks, and some Noro Kureyon. These hats are so fun. I'm planning to line them with fleece to make the more wee human friendly.

copycat hats

Next, another Copycat Hat. I went with some of the modifications I mentioned before. I think this one's going to be truer to the original.

stripey socks

A pair of socks that I knit on last night at work. It was a really slow night. I think that I was may be 10 rounds in when I left for work. And now I'm working on the gusset. There's a fun little cable detail on one side (not pictured, unfortunately). These will probably go into the gift pool.

Socks for skinny legs

More than 75% done with Raj's skinny leg socks. These things are great! They're so tight, he'll never be able to complain about them falling down. Let's just hope they don't cut off the circulation to his toes... hehe.

Stocking progress

Lastly, I'm back in the saddle again! The stocking would appear almost done. Pretty much all that's left is the tree decoration, but I do not think I'm exaggerating when I say the tree decorations could take me almost as long as everything else. It's a ton tiny, intricate ornaments and lights. Ugh.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hats for wee humans

I had the knitting equivalent of an ear worm yesterday. The idea of knitting hats for babies and kids out of left-over sock yarn. So I hauled the large bag of sock yarn remnants to work with me last night, and voila!

The first hat in a series of Hats for Wee Humans. This hat is a rip off of Ripley, and *in theory* it will fit a baby about 6 months old. I've cast on for HFWH #2 and in theory it will be toddler sized.
This project is a fun stroll down memory lane/quiz game. What project did I use that tan yarn in?? Oh yeah! These socks that I gave to Melisa. The green yarn actually remains a might be some Cherry Tree Hill that I used way back, but I'm really not sure.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

FO: LOVE wallhanging

I put the finishing touches on the LOVE wallhanging a couple weeks ago and it is currently winging its way to western Africa.

LOVE wallhanging

You can see the quilting better in that above shot. This below shot shows the color a bit truer.

LOVE wallhanging

(Maybe I would get better pictures if I took them someplace besides the guest room shower...)

My second real foray into free motion quilting, and I'm moderately pleased with the result, though I still feel like I'm at the bottom of the learning curve. I did include a bit of a hidden message:

LOVE detail

Can you see it there? KH + MD :)

Let me say, what I lack in free motion quilting skills, I think I make up for in binding skillz. I should have taken some pics, but I used black binding, and it probably wouldn't have photographed well. Just take my word for it.