Sunday, May 31, 2009

My cat, the terrorist

Butters the terrorist

Butters has been making trouble while I've been sleeping. A couple of days ago, while picking up stitches on the blue cardi, I find a snag in the cord of my beloved addi turbo lace needle!

The cat bit my needle!!!

I know it's hard to see, but it's there, just below my thumb. The little turd bit into my needle!! So there was a little snaggy bit on 2 sides of the cord. Grrrr! I would have liked to use super fine grade sand paper to file it down, but I didn't have, so I used my nail file, which worked pretty well.

cat bite--post filing

It looks rough, but it's smooth enough now that my knitting passes over it without event. I learned a lesson: all knitting needles securely stowed away when Butters is left unsupervised.

The day after the needle incident, I go to open the blind in the front room and the cord breaks as soon as I pull it.

Butters chewed the blind cord

Somehow, he managed to chew it so that there was just one little filament holding it together, which gave out as soon as pressure was applied. I don't really know how he even reached the part that broke. It's pretty high above the window ledge. Grrr. So I tied it in a knot and now it looks super ghetto. The next discovery of terrorism happened a moment later:

Butters attacked the blinds

Appears he attacked my lovely honeycomb blinds. Why, Butters, why??? I tried to keep in him in my bedroom over night last night, but he was making too much noise at the door, so I let him out. No terrorism discovered today...yet.

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Megan said...

My cat Weasley looks just like Butters and also has an affinity for needles. He ruined my Hiya Hiya circular. I tried the nail file trick, but that didn't work.

Thanks for blogging about your Featherweight Cardigan. It's been really helpful to read your experiences in preparation for beginning mine.