Saturday, January 14, 2012

FO: Hermione [hearts] Ron

Hermione [hearts] Ron Hat

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca
Needle: US3 and US6
Pattern: Hermione Hearts Ron (ravelry project page)

Hermione [hearts] Ron Hat

Another movie-inspired knit! I remember seeing this hat in the movie and thinking it wouldn't be hard to re-create. Thankfully, someone else did the work! Though I did modify the crown decreases significantly (details on the ravelry page).

Hermione [hearts] Ron Hat

Not the first finished object of 2012, but the first one that's been photodocumented. :) This hat was a quick, fun knit. My hands did cramp a bit using the US3s for the brim, but I'm so happy with the result, it was worth it. The yarn is left over from a scarf I made for Tracie P.B. (pre-blog). This hat took nearly all of the 77g I had remaining. Yea for using yarn from the stash!

Hermione [hearts] Ron Hat

Rare to have a hat fit my large head so well! (I guess that's what comes of using larger yarn and needles than called for without decreasing the number of stitches cast on).

Sunday, January 1, 2012

FO: Bella's Mittens

Bella's Mittens

Pattern: Bella's Mittens (ravelry project page)
Yarn: Cascade Eco +

These mittens were part of Tracie's Christmas gift. A fun, quick pattern. My first time using Cascade Eco +, and I really liked it. It may be a bit too thick for practical use in Seattle winter accessories. We'll see. The skein is freakin' huge! So I have tons of this purple left.

After knitting nearly one complete mitten, I realized it was just too small, so I frogged it and re-knit using US9 needles. The resulting mittens are still a bit snug/short for my hands, but they fit Tracie perfectly. The cabling was fun--I recommend trying "cabling without a cable needle" if you haven't done so yet (just google it for instructions). It's really easy and helps speed things along.