Friday, February 27, 2015

FO: Dovana Shawlette

It's been a minute since my last finished object post. I wish I had some better glamour shots of this one, but these poorly lit blocking photos from my basement will have to do for now. The pattern, Dovana, is part of the Knitworthy collection that Ysolda released last fall. I bought the collection at the beginning, before the patterns were released, and it was great fun to watch them come out each week. So far, the only other pattern I've knit is the Bronntanas hat, but the rest of the patterns in the collection look great; I especially love this little knit dachshund.

The yarn, Malabrigo Sock in "ochre" color is just lovely. This is the yarn from two previous failed attempts at socks, and I'm glad that I've used it for this shawlette. There was quite a bit leftover, and I've used it in my Follow Your Arrow2.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

WIP Wednesday

I feel like I'm in a bit of a knitting funk. Been working on these projects for too long…. a bit bored. Hopefully writing about my current progress will give me some oomph to get them done!

First up, my Follow Your Arrow2 MKAL shawl. I'm currently nearing the end of Clue 3 (of 5) and have started to like this again. It was rough there for a while with Clue 2. Knit that stupid clue 3 times! I should have changed course after the first mishap with Clue 2 and knit the other option… instead I knit it again and AGAIN. Finally moderately pleased with how it turned out, though all those floats in the back are a pain in the ass. Planning to knit Clue 4 in all yellow, then clue 5 in a lighter green, though we'll see what I ultimately decide. I've been working option B for all of the clues and I like the idea of going back and knitting a new one with all option A. Maybe.

Next up, these stripy socks. What a BORING project, but they're coming along. Towards the end of sock #1, I realized that the yarns in this project probably aren't the best sock yarns. Oh well. I'm thinking of keeping this pair, so we'll see how they hold up, I guess.

Finally, the Jade Leaves Socks. Just barely started sock #2. I think that it'll fly once I get past the ribbing. I wish I had made the leg on sock #1 a tad longer. :-/ I was planning to keep these socks as well, but they're just a bit tight for me, so I think they'll be for the gift pile.

In my boredom with these projects, I've been dreaming about new projects to cast on. Though I've told myself: No new projects until one of these pairs of socks is complete!! I want to make a short-sleeve sweater dress/tunic for Erin. I've got some fun fingering weight yarn in mind. :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

In lieu of knitting content...

Enjoy this picture of food! Made Sechwan Eggplant and Tofu (recipe from the New Moosewood Cookbook) for dinner. So yummy!!

I did actually finish something last night! First time in two weeks :-/ The kid and I were sick all last week--she didn't sleep well and wanted to be constantly held. Knitting had to take a back seat. And I've been feeling bored with my projects, but finishing one last night felt really good! Hopefully that'll fuel me to finish the others!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

FO: Bulky Hat

Whipped up this quick hat using cascade 220 superwash held double. Stash buster!! Gave it to the kid of the family with whom we watched the Superbowl. Used this free pattern from Purl Bee, knit the woman size--came out a bit short for my taste but fit the kid well. The big ass pompom is definitely my favorite thing. :)