Saturday, May 23, 2009

Avec toi, cheri, la vie est belle

I haven't talked about music for a while. I'm listening to so much great stuff right now that it would take too long to discuss it all, so let me just touch on one CD that I can't get enough of:

Amadou & Mariam's new one, Welcome to Mali. This duo met in a school for the blind. Their music is mostly in French, has a great world beat sound. I just LOVE this CD. I've listened to it at least twice per day since I got it on Tuesday. My favorite song, and the reason I was compelled to buy it, is the first track, Sabali. It starts out sounding like an old French song, something from the era of Edith Piaf or something, except the words she's singing at this point aren't actually French, then a synthy beat picks up, and a refrain of "Sabali, sabali, sabali" and some other African words. It isn't until more than 1:30 in that the French lyrics that I can understand start. They go:

Cheri je m'addresse a toi (Dear, I'm talking to you)
Avec toi cheri la vie est belle (With you, dear, life is beautiful)

Avec toi cheri (with you, dear)
C'est si bon, la vie (it's so beautiful, life)

Cheri je te fais un gros bisou (dear, I give you a huge kiss)
Je t'embrasse fort (I "hug" you firmly)

And there's lots of lalalalalas and ooo ooo ooos. It's just great.

The weather this weekend is GORGEOUS. I'm going to go listen to this outside now.