Monday, October 31, 2011


After finishing Rupa's baby blanket, I was yearning for some instant gratification knitting, aka hats! First up, an improvised one cable hat using some SWS Stripes yarn from the depths of the stash. Details on ravelry. Crappy PhotoBooth pic:

Next up, an improvised pumpkin hat based on the Kurbis pattern for my friend's kid's 1st birthday, using some Malabrigo merino worsted in "carrot" and a tiny bit of some KnitPicks Bare worsted that I dyed a few years ago. Crappy cell phone pic:

After that came the Slip Stitch Hat from 60 Quick Knits, using some ArtYarns Ultramerino, also from deep in the stash. I love the feel of this yarn, but have mixed feelings about the colors--light pink and a few shades of brown. I'm debating adding a large pom pom to the top of this hat... what do you think?

The last completed hat of Hatober was a special request from Raj: a hat to cover his ears in a more interesting color than his previous hats. He picked the colors for this one--purple and charcoal gray. I picked the yarn, the wonderful Malabrigo Twist, and we agreed on the pattern, Honegart by Stephen West.

I do have one more hat in progress but I'm not sure if I'll finish it by the end of Hatober, just 3.5 hours away. :)

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