Sunday, October 16, 2011

FO: Noro Stripe Baby Blanket

Noro Stripe Baby Blanket

Yarn: Noro Taiyo Sock
Needle: US 4
Pattern: improvised (rav project page)

Noro Stripe Baby Blanket

FINALLY!! This project really lingered on the needles longer than it should have. It was that border that did me in. Note to self: no more of these knit-on borders with only 20-30 stitches per row! The constant need to turn my work made it way too easy for me to put this project down after only completing a few rows of border.

As with any Noro project, the colors are the fun part. Overall, I'm pleased with how these two colorways went together, though the maroon and gray stripe area isn't my favorite... Really, it's such a relief to have this thing done. When we got back from India, I told myself I couldn't start any new projects until this was done (this rule did not preclude me from working on things I'd already begun), and with the appearance of fall weather, I was motivated to finish up so I could knit some cool-weather accessories.

Noro Stripe Baby Blanket

Now to pack this up and ship it around the world (and pray that it makes it there safely!)

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