Friday, October 21, 2011

FO: Hawthorne Scarf

Hawthorne Scarf

Pattern: Hawthorne from Twist Collective (rav project page)
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed Shelter
Needle: US 9

Hawthorne Scarf

This was the only project that was knit entirely in India. I packed the yarn in skein form, and big thanks to my super cooperative husband who helped me wind the yarn into balls on the early-morning train from Delhi to Jaipur (I wish I had a picture of this).

Clever use of short-rows make this a sort of hybrid scarf-shawl. I'm not certain that this was the best pairing of yarn to pattern, because the lace/bobble pattern seems a tad lost with this yarn. But I do love the yarn--so cozy! My only worry is that it won't get cold enough for the recipient to be able to use this thick wool scarf. :)

Hawthorne Scarf

Ugh! My backyard is such a mess!

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Naomi said...

I'm pretty sure your recipient will use it whether it's freezing cold or not, because she loves the gorgeous color and all the love and work put into it :-D