Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Today I like...

  • This recipe for 2 cupcakes. Because sometimes you want cupcakes for dessert but you don't want to make a whole bunch. I added some cocoa powder and mint extract to the recipe to make choco-mint cupcakes!
  • This book I just finished reading, The Marriage Bureau for Rich People. I tend to love books set in India, and this one was no exception. Made me more excited for our trip to India. We'll be there in 2 months!!
  • This super cute little quilt. Classic pattern done up in eye-catching colors.
  • The new Bon Iver album. So beautiful. Just as haunting as their other stuff, but slightly more upbeat. Here's a video of them on LNwJF last week (I apologize for the ad): 

I've been working on a bunch of things. I'll tell you about them soon. :)

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