Thursday, July 7, 2011

FO: Springtime Beret

Springtime Beret

Pattern: Springtime in Philadelphia (Rav project page)
Yarn: Fibre Co Canopy Fingering

This was a fun, quick project. It's worked from the top down. I love how it looks like a flower. The pattern calls for the hat to be blocked over a 10" plate, which I did. But then when it was all dry, I spilled coffee on it, and didn't re-block it, just laid it to dry, which gives it a softer look.

This yarn is great! It was my first time using any Fibre Co yarn. I got this while we were in Toronto in March--part of my souvenir from our trip.

The final look of the hat, though, I'm not so sure about. As evidenced by the following:

Springtime Beret

My head is too big for tams. So this hat is up for grabs. Anyone want it?

(Also, please ignore how tired I's been a week since I had a good night's sleep, thanks to this persistent arm pain I have following a tetanus shot last week. Oy.)

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