Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I've been doing: I had a great time in Boston this past weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon with a dear friend from UPS, then went out to the suburbs to visit a dear friend from 4th grade and everything after. It was cold up there, but not unbearably so. Look at all the snow they've gotten!

Jamie and a mountain of snow

I was supposed to be in jury duty the past 2 days, but when I went yesterday morning, I found out that I would have to get a postponement because I have this FNP certification review course next week that I cannot reschedule, and if I were to be called for a case, that would be a problem. Lucky for me, I won't be for the postponement--thank you, impending cross-country move!

Speaking of which, the packing has kicked into 3rd gear (we were in 1st for a couple weeks, I anticipate hitting 4th in a week or so).

almost-empty closet Folding cart

I've emptied my closet, except for a few shirts to get me through the next 3 weeks. And see that blurry cart? It's been my savior, helping me haul my boxes to the post office. The heaviest one I've taken so far weighed 43 pounds!! I mailed it "media mail" and it only cost $17--what a bargain. :)

I'm not the only one working on packing--look what appeared in the kitchen today:

Moving Check List

That's the roomies' moving checklist. We're having our House Cooling party 2/15, so I've set this as a goal to have most of my packing done.

What I've been knitting: I finished knitting the Baby Surprise Jacket; it still needs seeming and buttons, but that can wait. What a fun little project, nice mindless garter stitch, though I'm still annoyed about the dropped stitch. I think it turned out super cute.


surprise--it's a baby jacket!

On the bus up to Boston I pretty much finished the second Flaming Nuts sock. I used a star toe for this and I really like the way it looks, though I haven't worn the socks for any period of time, so I'm not sure if I'll like the way it feels.

Flaming Nuts

I think I must have knit the bottom sock tighter--the pooled stripes are thinner. Maybe it's just the yarn. The socks seem the same size. I really like this yarn--it's brilliantly colored. Not sure who these socks are for yet. I think they'll enter the gift bank.

Yesterday, Chana and I went to the wonderful LYS and I bought yarn to make thank you gifts for Jamie and her husband for letting me stay with them this weekend. Unfortunately, I underestimated the amount of yarn I would need for their gifts, so I can't finish them until I get back to the LYS on my next day off--Friday. Boo Karabella Aurora 8 for not having more yardage per ball!

In lieu of finishing those gifts, I cast on for a pair of socks--Traveler's Stockings, from Knitting on the Road. I'm using some teal Louet Gems Merino Fingering.

traveler's stockings

I was a bit wary to cast on for these and I took care to choose a pattern that would offer a bit of interest. I came to a realization the bus up to Boston as I was busily knitting away at the Flaming Nuts socks: I'm tired of knitting socks. I didn't think I would ever reach this point. I think it has something to do with the quantity of knitted socks crowding my sock box right now (yes, I keep all my socks in a box in my closet); and there aren't any holidays or birthdays coming up. But socks make good portable knitting, so I'll probably keep knitting them, as back-burner projects.

What I've been watching: Last Friday, I was among the first people in NYC to see Entre Les Murs (The Class)--I went to the first showing opening day. :) What a fabulous movie! It's a docudrama. This guy wrote a book about his experience teaching at this high school, and he plays himself in the movie adaptation of the book. The whole thing felt very real. This movie's nominated for an Oscar in the category of foreign film. I haven't seen any of the other nominees (yet), so I can't comment on its chances, but it sure was good.

Today I watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist from netflix. Better than I expected. Funny, endearing characters; light, amusing fare; excellent music throughout. And look! In this picture, that guy to the right of Michael Sera--

It's Hanschen from the original cast of Spring Awakening!

I have 10 days of work left (dance around!), all in 2 day pairs. I want this part to hurry up and be over; but I don't want my time in NYC to hurry. There are still things I want to do before I leave, but time is slipping away. :( I guess I'll save the list for when I come to visit.

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Hey, are you mailing me one of those carts too, so I can move that 47 pound box? :) Mom