Friday, January 30, 2009

Self-fulfilling prophesy

Ugh. Of course! I wake up on my fake sick day actually feeling sick! Of course!! Grr. But I've loaded up on sudafed, claritin and advil, so hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow morning when I'm off to Boston. I'm wondering if this is a trick of the mind. Last night the roommies were watching the House episode where House and Cuddy are on an airplane from Singapore and one person is actually sick and a bunch of others think they get sick but actually it's just mass hysteria, the mind making the body sick. Or it could be that I got such an butt-kicking at work yesterday that my immune system took a hit and one of those myriad germs crawling around the hospital got to me. Ugh. I just want to curl up in a ball.

But instead I'm knitting! Plugging away at my baby surprise jacket. I'm having a blast with garter stitch. I'm using some yarn that I dyed an odd purple-red-pink mix a while back.


Baby Surprise Jacket

But I did something on this project that I don't think I've ever done before: I dropped a stitch! This has happened before. But what hasn't happen: I didn't notice it until many many many inches later! Ugh. And the dropped stitch happened in the first inch of the project, which means it happened late at night when I was only half conscious, cruising away unthinkingly on garter stitch. I'm annoyed. Not sure what to do about it, either. I don't want to leave a big gap in the cast on edge. For now, I've just put a safey pin through the loose stitches in question. I'll deal with it when my head is less cloudy.

Dropped stitch! WTF!

If I can get myself together enough to get out of the apartment, I'm going to go see the movie The Class. I'll let you know how it is. :)

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