Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cough, cough!

Thanks dust. It's awesome breathing in you all day!

Packing went into overdrive yesterday, in preparation for our party today. The apartment is sooooo packed, it's unsettling. I've mailed 11 boxes, my sewing machine, 7 padded envelopes of books and a poster tube, and spent just over $350. Plus a few hours in line. I have 5 more large boxes, 1 small box, and my printer to send, but that's going to wait until next week. For now, those boxes are functioning as furniture in my room. :)

What I've been knitting: I've made more progress on the sixteen-point tee. I'm done with the yoke increases and I've started on the body. The body is worked in a K4,P4 x6rows checkerboard pattern, so it should go fairly quickly--not a lot to think about there. I really need to put it onto waste yarn so that I can try it on, I want to make sure it doesn't need a few more increase rounds.

Well, party starts in less than 1 hour--I better clean up a bit! Let me just leave you with this funny picture. My favorite part is the caption underneath: "Great idea, or greatest idea?" Hehe. Reminds me of something Steven Colbert would say about former-prez Bush.

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