Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Sunday, 2pm: "Chana? If you get this message before you leave your apartment, could you bring your ball winder? I need to frog this sweater and I already packed mine." Voice full of despair.

10 minutes later: (text message to Chana) "Crisis averted." 3 hours of knitting while playing games at party.

Monday, 8pm: 8 inches of red sixteen point tee frogged.

The above event is too painful to describe in full.

Check your gauge.

Important concept or the most important concept?

After going down two whole needle sizes to US5, I'm back on track with the project. I'm not giving up. I have such high hopes for this sweater! I want to wear it at my Welcome Home Party. The bus ride to and from DC this weekend should give me ample knitting time. Plus I have all next week work-free to knit (there won't be much else for me to do, considering my entire apartment is packed up).

On an up note: the party was soooooooooo much fun.

Careful Bridget! Don't fall over!
I'm really going to miss these people.

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