Monday, January 26, 2009

Where did the general put his armies?

In his sleevies!

That's right, my purple cardi has sleeves! Two of them! I cast on sleeve number one after work last night, and just cast off #2, barely 24 hours later. My goal is to be able to wear this sweater in Boston this weekend. I've decided to re-knit the bottom of the body. I only did 6 rows of border stitches at the end of the bottom, but I did 14 for the sleeves, and I much prefer the look of the thicker border, plus the thin border of the body keeps flipping up, pulled by the massive stockinette. So I figure I'll do somewhere between 14 and 20 rows of border stitch (aka double seed stitch) on the bottom of the body. Do that tomorrow morning, block the sweater tomorrow afternoon, and go get some rocking buttons to finish the look. Not sure what kind of buttons I should get...Chana recommended some silver celtic type buttons, but I'm feeling like something a bit more rustic perhaps. Or just some simple buttons a shade or two lighter purple. I'm going to head down to ButtonVille tomorrow and try to find the perfect ones!

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