Monday, September 14, 2015

FO: A Pair of Stovetop Hats

baby stovetop

I made a hat, and the pattern was so nice, I knit it twice! One in baby size, and one adult large size. The baby size fits Erin, so fits more like toddler, and the adult large size is nice and slouchy even on my large noggin.

stovetop hat

The baby size is knit from some yarn that I bought in Boston probably....almost 10 years ago?? Not even sure how long ago--I know it was toward the beginning of my time living in NYC, so probably 2005 or 2006, while visiting Jessica in Boston, I think.

Stovetop Hat

The adult hat is knit from alpaca yarn from a local alpaca farm down in Fife. As one would expect from alpaca, it's delightfully soft, and VERY warm. Too warm for me. Because this yarn is a bit special, I'll probably put this in the gift pile (vs the donate pile), and hopefully it'll find a home with some large headed person in a cooler climate.

stovetop hat

Another note on this yarn: the color bled and faded after a soak, which was a bit of a bummer, but the resulting color is still pleasant.

Ravelry project pages:adult hat, baby hat

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