Monday, September 7, 2015

FO: My First Brioche Hat


Happy to have finished my brioche hat yesterday on the way home from our little Labor Day trip up to Vancouver. As I mentioned, brioche stitch is a bit slow going for me, but I definitely feel like I have the hang of it now and am ready to tackle other brioche projects in the future.

I am not too pleased with the crown decreases. I wish the pattern used a neater way of doing them--I think a center double decrease would be better than the k3tog. But I didn't feel like trying out an alternative method, so oh well.

This hat is very warm. Too warm for me. But I think it would be nice for someone who is outside all the time--it's destined for the donate pile.

And, note to self: the yarn, Berocco Vintage, was a joy to work with!

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