Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I won this yarn on ebay...

And it was perfect, just what I wanted!

April Fools... :(

The yarn was not what it was supposed to be. I got 3 skeins of 159 and 2 skeins of 153 (which has this ugly pinkish pucey color in it). Major bummer. The search for Noro Kureyon continues.

But speaking of April Fools, gmail has a pretty funny one with their new CADIE program. You should go check it out. I'm glad they're working hard over there at google (or is it "hardly working"?). Hehe.

I finished up those Noro Kureyon socks a couple of days ago. I tried to also finish those brown cably socks last night so that they'd be done by the end of March, but I still have a ways to go on sock #2.

Grandma and I took a yarn field trip yesterday to the Lamb's Ear yarn shop in ghetto South Tacoma. I was pleasantly surprised by their large selection. They had so much Dream in Color Classy! And it was only $17 a skein. I had trouble restraining myself. I wanted to buy 1 skein of each color. They lady who owns the shop was there. She was super chatty and helpful. She noticed right away that I was wearing a hand-knit (the purple 28thirty sweater) and she asked me all about it. :) I still get thrown off by people being so chatty here. People in yarn stores in NYC were chatty, but this is a whole different level of chattiness.

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