Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One week

Knitting: Last week, after blogging about my progress on the modern lace henley, I promptly put it down and cast on for the rainbow yoke sweater. I brought this with me to Cara's bachelorette weekend (which was super fun), and made a fair amount of progress. This morning I joined the sleeves with the body and started knitting the yoke.

noro yoke sweater progress

The sleeves and body are Cascade 220 (one of my favorite yarns) and I knit them on US size 6. The noro is slightly larger than the Cascade and the pattern recommended going down 2 needle sizes for this portion. So for the yoke, I'm knitting noro on US 4s, and there are so many stitches that I have to use both my 16 and 24 inch needles just to knit them all. Let's just say, it's not the most efficient knitting. But I think it's going to be really pretty when it's done, on the upside. :)

For the yoke decreases, the knitscene pattern calls for 4 decrease rows, about 2 inches apart. EZ's pattern for a seemless yoke pull over recommends 3 decrease rows, and starting them later than the knitscene pattern. At first, I thought I would do EZ's decreases, but after only 4 rounds of knitting the noro, I'm all for decreasing sooner rather than later, and I think I'll do the knitscene decreases after all. I wish I could do them now. But they're probably another 3 or 4 rows away.

I organized my yarn stash last week.

Yarn stash

Isn't it pretty??? :D Going through all the yarn, I just wanted to go cast on crazy! But I restrained myself.

Speaking of pretty, Monday and Tuesday were the 2 best days of weather since I've been here. Look at the view yesterday when I got home from an outing to downtown.

lovely day 4 21 09

Movies: I saw Adventureland yesterday. It was cute. Some funny parts, a little heart warming, a nice little coming-of-age story. Kinda bummed that Ryan Reynolds played a sleeze-bag, though. I don't like to think of him that way. I went to see this movie at 2:15 in the afternoon on a weekday, something I did in NYC with a good amount of frequency, but never once was I the only one in the theater. Until yesterday. At the beginning of the movie, there was 1 other person in the theater besides me, but he left about 1/2 hour in--I think he may have been an employee of the theater. It was strange.

I have new upstairs neighbors; they moved in yesterday evening. And aparently they have a dog, because I just heard it barking. :) Maybe when I get a dog, our dogs can be doggie friends.

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