Friday, March 6, 2009

Sun and socks

On the needles: Since my stash remains packed in boxes in Edgewood, I've been plugging away at a couple of pairs of socks. Still working on the Traveler's Stockings. Just turned the heal of #2, so these should be done soon.

Travelers Stockings progress

I really like these socks. The yarn is great, just the right size for the 2.5mm needles, in my opinion. The ADD patterning of the cuff is great, but it's nice to have the stockinette of the rest of the sock to help these cruise along. Not sure about the toe, though. I did the toe as called for in the pattern, but I think it wold have looked better with a plain ol' regular toe.

Travelers Stockings

Started a new pair a couple days ago. I'm doing a toe-up adaptation of the Paraphernalia pattern. The yarn is Trekking Pro Natura. I like this yarn, but think it might have done better on smaller needles. I'm using some Addi 2.5mm, the smallest Addis I have (note to self: buy smaller Addis). The cabling of the Paraphernalia pattern is just what I needed to keep myself interested in knitting more socks. I love how the cable is off-center.

Paraphernalia progress

I decided to do these toe-up so that I could use as much of the yarn as possible. With the aid of my trusty new yarn scale (thanks mom!!), I'll know just when to stop sock #1 so that I'll have enough yarn to make its match. To accomodate some potentially tall socks, I'm doing some calf increases along the center of the back, increasing 2 stitches every 6 rows. I don't really like the K3P1 ribbing pattern on these socks. It looks sloppy to me. If I was to start over with these socks, I'd keep the cable pattern the same but knit the rest of the stitches as plain stockinette. Oh well. I'll probably give these away so that I won't be perpetually reminded of how they could have been better.

Paraphernalia progress

Something unusual happened this morning. The sun came up. I know what you're thinking, This happens every day, dummy. But not here. Most days, the sky just gets progressively lighter shades of gray, the sun doesn't actually make an appearance. But today the sun rose! It's sooooo sunny here already that I'm about to get dressed and head out for a walk so that I can synthesize some vitamin D. Who knows when this opportunity is going to present itself again!

Sunny morning

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