Thursday, December 5, 2013

Nap-time holiday craft: photo ornaments

Trying to think of use for the crumby photo prints from the two groove books I got before canceling my subscription, I glanced at my Christmas tree and decided it could use some baby pictures. 

While fantasizing about having a circle cutter, I traced the inside circumference of a roll of masking tape (about 3") with a sharpie onto the photos then cut them out quickly (read: a bit sloppily). I affixed two photos back-to-back using double stick tape; planned to use a glue stick but I couldn't find one and didn't want to wake the baby by rustling through my craft stuff too much. Anyways, the double stick tape seems to do the job fine. 

For hanging, I tried 1/8" ribbon and baker's twine. I like the look of the ribbon better, personally, so I'll be using that for the rest of mine. I'll be mailing some of these out to family, so that their trees can have Baby E's face. These would also make cute decorations on wrapped gifts. 

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