Thursday, May 12, 2011

FO: Awesome Bag

Awesome bag

I spied this bag tutorial a couple days ago and knew instantly that I had to make one! A quick glance at my fabric stash and I had the fabrics--some quilters cotton that I bought last year for a house project that went awry and the remnant from some Ikea curtains that I had to trim down to fit our living room.

Awesome bag

I considered omitting the canvas lining called for in the pattern since the curtain fabric is about as heavy as canvas, but in the end I zipped over to JoAnns and got a bit of duck cloth (thankfully, 30% off) plus the buttons--navy for the gray side and black for the print.

Awesome bag

The sewing went quite quickly. And with my sweet Bernina, the buttonholes were a snap. But did I ever have a dickens of a time with the buttons! Jeepers, it took me struggling through 4 sets of buttons (you sew two on at a time) before I developed a system that involved a small bamboo double pointed needle. (Side note: I was amazed at how much the duck cloth softened up once I washed it. Also amazed at how much it shrunk--I barely had enough for the project.)

Sewing buttons

With the double pointed needle there, I didn't have to stress about having the buttons too tight on the fabric and now the strap's button holes fit easily over the buttons.

Yea for a new bag for spring! And yea for the sun which actually made an appearance today!

Sun Cat

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