Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blocking with wires

Just about the second that I got those floral strips off the floor of my craft room, I busted out the blocking supplies so I could fully finish my Daybreak Shawlette. For me, this includes my Knitters Block interlocking tiles, blocking wires and pins. After getting the shawl nice and wet, then rolling it in a towel to remove excess water, I ran the wires through the edges of the shawlette (not gonna' lie--this is really tedious). This pic is crappy, but I tried to capture what I was doing, basically weaving the wire through each stitch.


For this project, I used two wires for the lower edge of the shawl and two for the top.


Then I gently pulled the wires out, making smooth arcs along the top and bottom. It only took a few pins to keep the wires in place. If this was a more severe blocking job, I would have had to use more pins, but I liked the size of the gently blocked shawl, so stuck with that.


Patience, now. Tomorrow it should be dry and ready to come off the wires. I'll write more about this project later. I really love it.

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