Monday, January 31, 2011

FO: More Striped Socks

some striped socks

Yarn: Red Heart Heart & Soles (rav link)
Pattern: Improvised

Another pair of socks. These ones have already been incorporated into my personal knitted sock collection (whereas, most other socks go into the to-be-gifted pile). This yarn is great, super cheap, and the striping keeps me interested. This yarn comes in 50g balls, so you need two balls for a grown-up sized pair of socks. For this pair, I did not attempt to match the striping pattern, I just pulled from the center of the ball and went with it. Interestingly, the striping pattern ended up being reversed for the two socks!

some striped socks

Can you see it? How the stripes going from toe toward heel on the top sock match those going from heel toward toe on the other? I find it amusing.

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