Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Knit Surgery

Remember those vests I made in August? This might jog your memory:

Red vest

The red one for the 2-year-old needed to be lengthened and I thought I would talk a bit about how I did that. I did the bulk of the surgery two months ago late at night, so pardon the crappy late-night photos, thanks.

The vest pre-op:

Knit Surgery, Pre op

I decided that I would add two cable repeats just above the ribbing at the bottum of the vest. To do that, the first step was to use my knitting needle to pick up stitches in the first row above the ribbing.

Knit Surgery, Step 1

Next, I took some contrasting yarn on a tapestry needle and threaded it through the stitches two rows above where I'd picked up stitches with the needle.

Knit Surgery, Step 2

Next, I snipped a stitch in the row between the yarn and the needle and unraveled the stitches all around in this row (what a pain!) so that I had two separate pieces.

Knit Surgery, Step 3

Once I had knit two pattern repeats onto the ribbing section, I used kitchener stitch to graft the new section with the stitches that had previously been on the white tread--by far the most time consuming part of the whole bit.

Knit Surgery, Step 4

Surgery complete!

Knit Surgery, Complete!

I see a bit of bulging, perhaps my knitting was looser on the addition, and despite my best effort, the grafting was a bit wonky in places. But I'm still pleased with the end result. A few washes and I'm hoping the addition won't be noticable at all.

Red Vest, post extension--detail

The red vest made it back to its destinee a few weeks ago, but last I heard, his mom couldn't get him to hold still long enough to try it on. I trust that the 2 inches that I added will be sufficient to get him through at least a couple of season's worth of wear.

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