Friday, September 28, 2007


Logan's birthday jacket is all done and in the mail! (Only a month late.) I really enjoyed making this sweater--it provided enough of a challenge that I feel my skillz have deepened a bit.

two tone

The pattern is Cable Yoke Jacket from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby. I made a few modifications to the pattern. Since I chose to use a different yarn with a different gauge, I cast on a different number of stitches than any of the sizes listed. And since I despise seaming, I worked as much as possible in the round--the lower portion of the body and the sleeves. I did a 3 needle bind off at the shoulders, and used kitchener to graft the sleeves to the body. The pattern calls for a zipper, but it's much easier for me to find buttons, so I decided on buttons. I added the button bands 2nd to last (right before collar), instead of working them simultaneously with the body as called for in the pattern. I would definitely work this pattern again.

two tone -- all done!

The yarn I chose, Cascade Sierra, is so soft! Half cotton/half wool--not the least bit itchy and machine washable--great for a 2 year old. I've used this yarn before and it's such a bargain! The only gripe I have about it--it's loosely plied.

I'm not sure how I feel about the buttons, I don't really think they match too well--I couldn't find anything better at my LYS, and I didn't feel like going all over town in search of the perfect button. Oh well.

I really hope it fits! I'm going to bug Tamiko until she sends me a pic of him in it, so we'll see. :)

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