Sunday, September 23, 2007

FOs and UFOs

As a bit of a stay of execution, I managed to get today off from work--4 days in a row would have killed me. Thank you Marta for taking today from me. Recognizing this day as a blessing, I believe I've made the most of it. I decided today should be a day for finishing. First up, Aunt Michelle's Cancer Sucks Socks.

Aunt Michelle's monkeys

I found out my aunt has small cell lung cancer a couple of weeks ago. As a nurse, I believe I've come to view death as a part of life, and it sucks that she's sick. But me getting all upset about it isn't going to make her feel any better. But you know what might? A pair of nice, cozy socks! This is the monkey pattern from Knitty, the second time I've knit this, and I do so love the pattern. And love the yarn also: Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.

Second finished object, the Americana blanket. For the past 3 or 4 weeks, all that's been left to do for this blanket was bind off the i-cord border and sew in all the yarn ends. 36 yarn ends was enough to put me off finishing this project, but today, while watching When Harry Met Sally, I bit the bullet and wove 'em in. I had so much fun making this blanket. I love the stripes, the yarn is so soft--I think it will make an excellent baby blanket.

Americanan blanket

The cable-yoke jacket is coming along--I finished sewing the sleeves to the body, now I've picked up the stitches for the button band, I bought the buttons today. Once the button bands are done, all that'll be left is the collar! Maybe I can finish it tonight if I stop blogging. :)

In the category of renewed vigor, I've picked up the Florentine Clapotis I put down last spring and forgot about--I think it as the cooler weather we had last week. Maybe I can actually wear it this fall!

I successfully died some kelly green yarn!! And, a bit less successfully, some red-purple yarn.

cool as a cucumber reddy-purple

The green was dyed putting the kelly green dye over the royal blue dye. The red-purple was from 2 packets of black cherry Kool-Aid and 6 packets of grape Kool-aid; I had hoped it would be predominantly purple, but oh well, I love it anyways.

A couple of non-knitting items: I got a massage today at Super Magic Fingers on W 81st St. So wonderful, and cheap! I saw the film The Jane Austen Book Club--it was a nice romantic comedy--not too cheesy even!

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