Thursday, September 27, 2007

the problems with working so much

Well, don't we wish we didn't have to work. Of course. One of the problems with working so much is that it really takes away from knitting time. I'm thissssss close to finishing the two-tone jacket. Seriously--I'm half way done binding off the collar. Then I sew on the buttons and that's it! And I just can't stay awake long enough on work days to get it done.

What if I had a job where I could knit at work??? That would be dreamy. What kind of job would that be? In a knitting shop? Or really any kind of little shop that doesn't get too much business. Someday, when me and the sisters have our craft shop--then I'll be able to knit at work. Certainly not at any sort of nursing job. :(

Another problem with working so much--no natural light in which to photograph the progress. In addition to being thissss close to finishing two-tone, I'm also cruising along on the forgotten clapotis. But once again, no picture.

On a side note: this girl, A Fine Frenzy, has a very beautiful new CD out called One Cell in the Sea. I love love love it and can't get enough.

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