Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will it be enough??

The projects I'm bringing to India:
  • Pagona shawlette -- at least 80% done, will likely finish this on the plane over, thereby freeing up the needles to begin
  • Fannette shawlette -- not sure which yarn I'll bring for this yet
  • Sock project -- currently about 50% done with sock #1 (for the 3rd time -- hopefully I'll make it through this time without frogging)
  • Worsted-weight scarf-y shawl project
The question running through my mind: will it be enough? I have more hours of travel in the next few weeks than I care to calculate, so I doubt that it will be gross over-estimation to think I could work through these 4 projects. I hope I've planned appropriately...

I'll let you know how it goes when we get back in a few weeks. Now it's midnight and we're leaving the house around 10am and I still have some things to check off my to-do list (and some things to remove from the list--like cleaning my whole house... oh well).

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