Friday, June 10, 2011

Geek Cake

XY cake

Sunday was my dad's birthday, Raj's is this Saturday, and my brother-in-law's was about a month ago (and we never really celebrated it) so we went on a family hike on Sunday, followed by dinner and cake at our house. In honor of us celebrating the birthdays of all the males in our clan, I decorated this cake in sweet, geeky berries depicting their XY chromosomes. How could I resist???

I used this tutorial for tips on frosting the cake, and smooshed some berries in between the layers for a bit of added yumminess. The cake was from a mix (Dr. Oetker's Organic Chocolate Cake--pretty dry) and the frosting was from this recipe--it was delicious without being too rich (I made a batch and a half, and had barely enough to fill and frost the cake).

For our hike, we went to the Coal Creek Trail. It was a really nice, relatively easy 6 miles. The scenery was gorgeous, a little pocket of oasis in the middle of suburban sprawl.

Coal Creek Trail

But it was humid as heck! This cute sign was posted at the trailhead. Hehe.


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