Friday, March 11, 2011

New wall decor

That's right. I fell in love at Ikea on Wednesday.

With this fabric:


From the moment I spotted it in the disorganized mess that is the fabric section at Ikea, it was as though I had been gripped by a powerful magnet. The buy-this-now magnet. In an exercise of extreme self-restraint, I only got a yard and a half. The main purpose of the fabric was as decoration above the fireplace, and the rest has been stashed away for a later date.

New wall decor

I mounted the fabric on a frame that I got from an art supply store; it was less than $7. You buy the frame in pieces, so you can totally customize it to whatever size you want. Mine is 30"x36".

Mounted fabric

The fabric is attached with a staple gun. There are lots of tutorials on youtube for how to do this. I'm particularly happy with my corners on this one. I used a professionally mounted canvas we have as a model.

Mounted fabric corner

This fabric is just one of the many awesome things I got on this most recent trip to Ikea. Midday on a Wednesday is a great time to shop there, lemme tell 'ya!

Butters and the Ikea bag

Butters also loves Ikea products. More specifically, the bag. Weird cat.


On a completely unrelated note: there's a cherry tree blossoming outside my kitchen window and each of the past two days I've seen a hummingbird flitting around out there. Yea.

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