Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A quick warmie

Yesterday evening I whipped up a quick wheat warmie for a friend at work. This project makes an easy, literally warming gift.

A little muslin
A little bit more flannel
Wheat berries (from the bulk foods section)
Whole cloves

For this wheat warming, I aimed for a finished size of about 8"x14" so I started by cutting a piece of muslin ~14.5" by ~16.5".

I sewed up the sides of the piece, filled it right side out then put a seem down the middle of the pouch to help keep the wheat berries evenly distributed. I filled the wheat berries from the open long edge, threw in a small handfull of whole cloves into each side , then just folded it over about 1/4" and topstitched to close it up.

As you can see, I used 1 lb. 13 oz. of wheat berries in this wheat warmie. Now, why whole cloves? Well, the wheat berries on their own, when heated in the microwave, tend to smell a bit barn-ish. The cloves are a nice disguise for that barn-y smell. Some dried lavender would probably also be great.

To make the wheat warmie extra cozy, I made a little case out of flannel. I cut a long strip of flannel, about ~9.5" x ~35", finished the two short edges by turning them under and stitching. Then folded the fabric with right sides facing--first about 7 inches from one end, then about 13 inches from the other end, so that the shorter flap would end up on top when turned right side out.

To insert the wheat warmie into its case, fold back the shorter outer flap, slide the wheat warmie into the flannel...

Then flip the shorter flap back over. Et voila!

To enjoy the warming wonders of a wheat warmie, microwave for 2-2.5 minutes.

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