Sunday, October 3, 2010

Houston, we have a problem...

And that problem is dye lot. Ugh!

See? Right there!

From what I can tell, this yarn either doesn't have defined dye lots, or that information just isn't contained on the label. :/ I'm working on the second front section, about half way done with it, but this will not work.

I examined the other 2 skeins I have, but neither of them appears to be a suitable match for the previous skein. The first two skeins seem to be less black--as you can see in the back section of the sweater below, there's lots of slight variation, which I really like.

So, here's my plan. I frogged both front sections--the one side that was done, and the other which was half done. Small sacrifice, I think, since I certainly cannot have the two fronts of the sweater looking different from each other--that is NOT my look. I'm going to knit both front sections from the same skein. Then I will knit both sleeves from another single skein. Then I will have one skein left to do the collar, and depending on how things work out, maybe I'll throw what's left of this lighter stuff in on the collar. We'll see.

For now, it's back to square 1 for the front sections. (Cue sad trombone sound.)

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