Sunday, October 4, 2009


Four Squares

1/4 done with the Buncha Squares Blanket. So far, I've been getting about 1 block per week. If we assume that I continue to knit at this rate, I should finish the blanket right around Christmas time. But this doesn't take into account Christmas knitting. I've been banking little projects (mostly socks) throughout the year that I can give out this year at Christmas, but I do have a few larger knitted Christmas gifts in mind for this year, so I would be surprised if the Buncha Squares Blanket was finished before the New Year.

Corn Maze

Fall is here! Yesterday I pulled out the February Lady Sweater I made last year and took my honey to a pumpkin patch. We went to Carpinito Brothers, down in Kent. It was fun. We did the corn mazes and got a medium-sized pumpkin. Raj has never carved a pumpkin either, so we're going to do that maybe next weekend.

U-Pick Pumpkins

As I type, the Selbu Modern is blocking on a balloon, so I should finally be able to get a good FO picture of that soon. I'm working on a Porom for my sister's birthday, using some brown Rowan Felted Tweed. And I'm about to start the TTL Mystery Sock. Yea for fall knitting!

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