Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Little Squares

I've started a project that I'm only working on at my honey's house.

Little Squares

It's going to be a throw blanket for us to use on his sofa while we watch TV. I'm following the guidelines of the Buncha Squares knitted adaptation of Denyse Schmidt's quilt design, as described on Mason-Dixon Knitting.

I'm using all Cascade 220--a little tweed, but mostly regular 220. The overall color scheme of the blanket is going to be shades of brown (boring, I know, but it needs to blend in with honey's living room), with little bits of plum (left over from the plum tweed sweater) and dark green tweed (left over from some mittens I made for Melisa a couple years ago).

LIttle Squares

It's a whole buncha garter stitch, but that's good TV knitting. I'm going to work 16 squares, and my goal size for the blanket is about 5'x5'.

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