Saturday, May 23, 2015

FO: Rope basket

Can of my fave La Croix for scale, and also because it matches

It's a bit ridiculous how much I love this basket. Just looking at it fills be with joy. Partly because of the colors used (from bottom to top: pink, lavender, royal blue, pale green, forest green, royal blue); partly because I made it; partly because it's an actually useful object. I know much of what I make is useful, particularly the socks, but this feels useful in a different way. I think I also love it so much because it's useful regardless of the numerous flaws. Nice to have a project that is so forgiving!

I could go into detail about the flaws, but what a waste of time that would be! There are tutorials online for rope baskets sub as this. I winged it. Used 100% cotton clothesline. Set my stitch length to 2, used my widest zig zag. To get the shape I wanted,  I started with an oval for the base. I wish the handles were a tad longer--maybe 1/2" more. They're functional as is, though. 

This basket would work great for storing toys, knitting projects, magazines, whatever!

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