Friday, December 24, 2010

Wedding Craft: Fabric Flag Garland

(I know, I know, it's been ages...I'm sorry. Things have been busy and stressful in the lead up to Christmas. It's surprising to me we don't have more patients in the hospital presenting with "I was overwhelmed by all the holiday crafting I had to get done and it drove me to _______.")

I'll start posting some of my recent projects after the big day tomorrow, but for now, how about another wedding project? :D I was inspired by a friend's wedding in early August that used a simple little garland for decoration, and I decided to whip up a similar one for my wedding.

I cut out the triangles and squares at work on a couple of quiet nights (stash buster, indeed!) then sewed them together with a simple running stitch, leaving a little space between each flag. It was simple, mindless work, but the result added a nice kitchy touch to the wedding location.

And I've saved the garland so that I can re-use it for decorating for parties or whatever else. Yea for re-usable projects!

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