Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sometimes things just work out

Like magic!! Today I had a clinical in the Bronx and I used the travel time there to get some knitting in on the second striped monkey sock. Lo and behold, the clinical was actually a conference, and my friends happened to choose a table in the very back. Rather than sit there and simply listen to the speakers, I decided to make the most of that time and continue work on the sock, and it's done!

trekking monkeys

Not only is it done, but look how the colors lined up perfectly in the foot. I soooo did not plan that. I didn't give a second thought to the striping pattern, figuring that the stripes were so random and thin that no one would ever notice if they did or did not match up.

trekking monkeys

But I'm so happy that they did! :D

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